Yr 5/6 Extra Curricula Activities

Extra Curricula Activities

-      Australian Landmarks - Click here to match the Australian Landmarks to their location on a map

-      The Bare Bones - Click here to have a go and cutting out and constructing a Skeleton

-      All about the Heart - Click here to read all about our amazing heart

-      Harmony Wordsearch - Can you find all the words?

¨      Go Noodle fun & active website (free to sign up)  https://www.gonoodle.com/

¨      Cosmic Kids Yoga (free on youtubeCosmicKidsYoga

¨      Play & Movement ideas - click here

Natural Disasters

-      Click to complete a Natural Disasters K. W. L & Word Wall

-      Bushfire Disasters

-      Bushfire Prevention

-      Create your own Bushfire Plan and Emergency Kit

-      Storm Safety

-      Natural Disaster Research Project

-      Reflection