Year 1

Week 1 Learning from Home

Week 2 Learning from Home

If you are working through the tasks assigned by your teacher and need any further support, the list below outlines a number of extra ideas, games and learning activities which you can work on with your children whilst learning from home.  

¨      Daily Reading books from home

¨      Daily / Weekly journal

¨      Number Hunt – what numbers can you find in your house?

        Write these numbers on a piece of paper. Put the numbers in order.

        Are there any numbers missing?

¨      Shape Hunt – what different shapes can you find in your house?

        Have ago at drawing some of these shapes.

¨      Toy Sort – Find your favourite toy then find 3 items that are smaller and 3 items

         that are taller. Draw these items and share them with your teacher.

¨      Go Noodle fun & active website (free to sign up)

¨      Cosmic Kids Yoga (free on youtubeCosmicKidsYoga

¨      Play & Movement ideas - click here

Links to Byford Primary Online Literacy programs

Links to Byford Primary Online Numeracy programs

Don't forget to take this time to be together as a family and spend time with your children.

¨Enjoy time as a family!

¨Get outside with your family and do gardening

¨Help out in the kitchen cooking meals

¨Have a clean out of your bedrooms

¨Play a board game together as a family

otaking turns, resolving conflict and dealing with winning and losing

¨Construct a jigsaw puzzle together

¨Build Lego or block tower structures together