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NEWSLETTER 1 June 2023

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NEWSLETTER 1 June 2023

Please assist us in reducing vandalism at the school by contacting one of the telephone numbers listed below if you notice any suspicious behaviour on the school grounds.

Police Non-Emergency

131 444

Mundijong Police

9526 5111

Armadale Police

9399 0222

Education Security

9264 4771 or 9264 4632

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to the Week 6 Newsletter. It is hard to believe that we are already over half way through the second school term. We still have a few events coming up in the second half of the term, so please take a look at the Save the Date information at the end of my report. 


Cross Country

Congratulations to all of our Year 3 - 6 students who competed in the Faction Cross Country event last week. Well done to everyone that showed perseverance and resilience to finish their races and it was lovely to see sportsmanship on display by supporting your peers to cross the finish line. Congratulations to Mercury for coming in first place. A big thank you to Mrs Diederichson and Mr Way for their organisation of the day, and good luck to the Byford PS team at Interschool next week.


Semester 1 Student Progress Reports

Your child will receive a Semester 1 Progress Report at the end of Term 2. This progress report will provide you with information on how your child is progressing against the curriculum taught so far in the year. Reports will be emailed home in Week 10, on Monday 26 June. Please contact the front office if you need to update your email address. Thank you.


WA Day Public Holiday

A reminder that this coming Monday 5th June is the WA Day Public Holiday. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and we will see all students return to school on Tuesday 6th June.


National Reconciliation Week 2023

This week we recognise National Reconciliation Week. This year’s theme is ‘Be a Voice for Generations’. National Reconciliation is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to collectively promote reconciliation. Students may be participating in different classroom activities throughout the week to recognise this important time.

Kindergarten & Pre-Primary Applications to enrol 2024

Byford Primary School is now taking enrolment applications for students entering Kindergarten and Pre Primary in 2024. Both Byford Primary School and Byford Community Kindergarten will be offering a Kindergarten program in 2024. When completing an application to enrol for Kindergarten, parents will be asked to nominate which program they wish to apply for. 


Application forms for Pre Primary 2024 have been sent out to our current Kindergarten students.  Parents of children currently attending Kindergarten programs this year (2023) must apply at the school for Pre Primary placement in 2024 if you wish your child to continue attending Byford Primary School.  Further details on how to enrol are included in this Newsletter.


Welcome Home Mooslie


We are very pleased and excited to let you know that Mooslie has returned to her home in the memorial garden at Byford Primary School. She has been repaired, and securely concreted into the garden. Mooslie still needs a new coat of paint and we are very lucky that our very talented Mrs Liddington is going to do this for Mooslie again. Thank you to Mr Mac, Mr Way and Mrs Liddington for their work in getting her situated and secured back into the garden. Thanks must also go to my Uncle Ron for donating his time, materials and experience with fibreglass to repair Mooslie. 

Save the Date

Here is a list of save the dates for your calendar. Keep an eye out in your children’s school bags and Class Dojo for more detailed information about each event. These will be sent home or placed on Class Dojo closer to each event.


5 June – WA Day Public Holiday

6 June – P & C Pizza Lunch Day

7 June – BSSA Interschool Cross Country

14 June – Room 1 Assembly

26 June – Reports Emailed Home

28 June – Room 5 Assembly

29 June – BSSA Winter Carnival Yr 5/6

30 June – Last day of Term 2

Jody Harrington


Ph 9526 6300


Byford Primary School is now taking enrolment applications for students entering Kindergarten and Pre-Primary in 2024. Both Byford Primary School and Byford Community Kindergarten will be offering a Kindergarten program in 2024. When completing an application to enrol for Kindergarten, parents will be asked to nominate which program they wish to apply for. 

Your child can only enrol in one of these programs.

Children born between July 1 2019 & June 30 2020 are eligible to apply for Kindergarten.

Children born between July 1 2018 & June 30 2019 are eligible to apply for Pre-Primary.

 When making an application for enrolment, please provide a copy of;

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Passport and Visa Grant Notice (if born overseas)
  • Proof of residential address (e.g. utility bill, lease agreement);
  • AIR Immunisation History Statement (that is not more than 2 months old), and
  • Family Court Orders (if applicable)

What is the difference between a Community Kindergarten and a school-based Kindergarten? Please click here for details:

Remember, your child can only enrol in one of these programs.

To enrol for Kindergarten please click here:

Application forms are also available on our website or can be obtained from the Front Office.

Application forms for Pre-Primary 2024 have been sent out to our current Kindergarten students.  Parents of children currently attending Kindergarten programs this year (2023) must apply at the school for Pre- Primary placement in 2024 if you wish your child to continue attending Byford Primary School.  Please note, students residing outside our catchment area may still apply, however your application may not be successful. 

Students in Pre-Primary in 2023 will automatically roll over into Year 1 in 2024 and beyond. If your child will not be returning to Byford Primary School in 2024, please notify the School Office.

It should be noted that an application does not confirm placement for any child – selection criteria may apply. Application details will be used to assist the school in organising classes and placements for next year. Parents of children who are offered placement at Byford Primary School will be asked to complete formal enrolment details at that time. Unsuccessful applicants will be offered a place in a school as close to their residential location as possible or be referred to their local school in the case of Pre Primary students.

Applications required by Friday 21st July 2023.

All applicants will be advised of their child’s placement during Term 3 this year. Enrolment applications can be made through the school office between the hours of 9.30am to 2:30pm.

In order to increase children’s knowledge and reduce their anxiety about hospitalisation and medical care, a presenter from the Hospital Familiarisation Program (HFP) will visit for a two-hour session consisting of:

  1. Interactive mat talk- the presenter has a wide range of medical equipment to demonstrate on our life-sized doll.
  2. Film - called “Amelia Goes to Hospital” which further prepares children by following a young girl going to hospital for surgery. There are young children role-playing at being in hospital too.
  3. Role-Play- the children will have plenty of time to dress up in hospital uniforms and use medical equipment on our life-sized doll. They can also have a turn on our wheelchair and crutches and play with our hospital play-sets and hospital puzzles and books.

BLUE GRP - Tuesday 20 June, 2023   (Cost per child $12.00 payable by Tues 13 June)

YELLOW GRP - Friday 23 June, 2023   (Cost per child $12.00 payable by Fri 16 June)

Payments can be made by eftpos (available at front office) or in cash placed directly to the drop off box in the front office. Alternatively, payments can be made via Direct Deposit: 

Byford Primary School   

BSB: 633 000   Acct: 192 414 571

Reference: Your child’s name/room no.

In Room 4 we have 3 Spiny Leaf Insects as our class pets. The students love having opportunities to hold them and get a close up look at them. Over the past few weeks, our students have gotten much braver in holding them. We have spent time learning about their needs and learning interesting facts about them. We even had a go at doing some directed drawings of different types of stick and leaf insects. Part of the students' responsibility is to take care of them. Each day our classroom Helping Hands ensure they have water on their leaves and fresh leaves to eat. 

Mrs Laura Verma & Mrs Lexi Diederichson

Class Teachers - Room 4

For our Newsletter article, Room7, Year 3, would like to showcase some of our Design and Technology learning experiences.

This semester, we have been learning about Food and Fibre Production. We have researched where particular food and fibres are grown in Australia and have discovered the ideal conditions for plant production.

The students then studied the production of potatoes in Australia and found answers to questions relating to ideal potato growing conditions, and the tools and equipment used in the production of potatoes.

We then grew our own individual snow pea plants from seed, looking at optimal conditions for them to survive, and recorded their growth in a plant investigation booklet.

Moving on to animals, the class investigated the ideal conditions for animal production. Students were given different animals to research and had to consider weather, environment and other factors to find the ideal conditions for their chosen animal to thrive.

Lastly students explored all the different ways chickens are kept to maximize egg production. They were assigned groups to learn about each style of egg production, namely free range, barn laid and caged eggs.

Recently, Room 7 has been assigned our very own raised veggie patch to take care of. We are growing carrots, broccoli, snow peas and lettuce.

I have been impressed with the students engagement, research skills and contributions to this learning area.

We hope you enjoy our article.

Many thanks…… all of us in Room7

Ms Kim Mclean

Class Teacher - Room 7


On Monday the 15th May our Year 5 & 6 students participated in a footy clinic with some visiting West Coast Eagles players. The Examiner newspaper also came along to capture the fun..... Newspaper_clip.JPG

On Wednesday 24th May, 17 students from Years 3, 4 and 5 travelled to Armadale Arena to perform at this year’s Senior Dale Fest.

Byford Primary was one of seven schools who performed.

The theme for this year’s performances was Science and there were a range of songs they performed which all related in some way to it.

The Community Songs included Good Planets Are Hard to Find, Why Does the Sun Shine, Winter Window and Star Trekkin’.

The students sang with energy and enthusiasm, and everyone had a lovely morning.


Deputy Principal - Ms Sue Doncon

Music Teacher - Ms Jasmine Gasper


On Wednesday 24th May, Byford Primary School participated in national Simultaneous Storytime, along with many other schools around Australia.

National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is held annually by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA). Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country. Now in its 23nd successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, using an Australian children's book that explores age-appropriate themes, and addresses key learning areas of the National Curriculum for Foundation to Year 6.


This year’s book, was ‘The Speedy Sloth.’ It was wonderful for the whole school to get together in the undercover area and listen to this very enjoyable story, which contained some fabulous virtues and messages. Classes then completed some great activities. Here is a snapshot of some of the fabulous work!

Room 3 - Sloth Craft

Room 4 - Directed Sloth Drawing


Room 5 - Sloth Pictures


Room 6 - Book Review

Room 8 - Sizzling Start Sloth Writing

Room 10 - Sloth Writing


On Tuesday 23rd May 2023, students enjoyed an excellent morning of Faction Cross Country.

Students from years 3 to 6 competed in our cross country event, running 1000metres and 1500metres.

It was a fantastic event with all students showing commitment and resilience to challenge their bodies and complete the endurance race. 

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend the competition. It was great to build atmosphere, cheer and support our children. This helped make the event more enjoyable.  

At the end of competition, the results were very close between three of our four factions… 

Congratulations to all our Mercury competitors. 

Also, a huge congratulations to all students for running and competing in the event and completing the cross country course. 

We are now looking forward to our top 6 placed students in each year level, travelling to Serpentine Pony Club to represent our school at the Byford Schools Sporting Association Interschool Cross Country event on Wednesday 7th June 2023. We hope to see many of our families there to cheer on the students. 

Congratulations and well done to all

students who received Merit Awards. 

Keep up the great work!

Riley A

Ari A

Austin A

Samara A

Beatrix B

Caiden E

Alan H

Autumn H

Matilda-Rose J

Odessah K

Emelia K

Levi K

Archer M

Tanya N

Annabelle O

Xavier P

Mason P

Steve S

Ella S

Ella S

Parker S

Cooper V

Thea V

Ankur V

Daniel W

Norah W

Tyler W

Chloe A

Freddie B

Beatrix B

James C

Kaine C

Yalda D

Aviana F

Nahla G

Lilly G

Evie G

Tyson H

Kyan H

Jaxon K

Sasha L

Meisha L

Oliver M

Savannah M

Callum O

Jason R

Judd S

Oliver S

Justin W

Mila-Rose W


Each month two students are chosen as our ‘Aussie of the Month’ and are presented with a badge, certificate and reward at our assembly.

It is awarded to an outstanding citizen in our school community. 

Contratulations to our winners for month of MAY:

Olivia A & Alyana T


Hi everyone. I hope everyone is travelling well.

I’m looking forward to seeing some new movies coming up.


Who remembers that funny movie called Jumanji? 5 characters with 5 different personalities, talents and gifts. Each person didn’t see their own importance or worth. But they found their worth and importance in saving Jumanji.  Working together, their abilities complimented each other.

No one person has all the skills, gifts or wisdom necessary for life. Life seems to point out that when people help each other and use their strengths, talents, kindness and respect to support each other, great things can be achieved. More importantly, the achievements point to everyone’s worth.

Food for thought. Have a good week everyone.

Mr Joe Grida

School Chaplain

To ease the financial burden on families over the year, we encourage parents to make payments throughout the year, to be assigned to fees, excursions and swimming etc. 

This can be as a regular weekly or fortnightly payment, or whenever you have funds available.  See the Admin Staff in the front office to arrange this.  You will be provided a breakdown of payments made, should you require.

Payment options are as follows:

  • Cash
  • Credit / Debit Card over the phone
  • Direct Deposit – Byford Primary  BSB: 633 000 Account No: 192 414 571

Please enter the name of your child and the purpose of the payment in the description field i.e. A Smith Zoo Exc. 

Please DO NOT use this account for P&C payments

Your chance to WIN!

Year 6 Camp Fundraisers

Mother's Day Raffle

Congratulations to the following students who won prizes in the recent Mother’s Day raffle:


1st Prize - Jordyn H - Room 1

2nd Prize - Will T - Room 13

3rd Prize - Tyler D - Room 8

4th Prize - Mrs Smith - Room 9

5th Prize - Tiana B - Kindy Blue

6th Prize - Brax B - Room 13

7th Prize - Jack D - Room 7

8th Prize - Serena J - Room 3

Thank you to all those families who bought raffle tickets and/or donated to support the Year 6 Camp, it’s greatly appreciated.

Zooper Dooper Thursdays
Zooper_Dooper.jpgZooper Doopers are continually being sold on Thursdays for 50c each.  We are always in need of Zooper Doopers to continue this fundraising venture and are very appreciative of donations.  If you can help, please drop Zooper Doopers to the senior block.  We’ve successfully raised just under $500 so far, from selling icy poles!

Containers for Change


We’ve joined the Containers for Change team to raise money for the Year 6 camp, whilst helping to make a real difference to the environment.  This will roll over to  the Year 6 Fundraising Committee every year.  Donation bins have been placed in the undercover, blue court and pre-primary areas for students to donate their used water/drink bottles, juice and milk boxes (please look out for the 10c icon on the side of the container).  If you wish to donate containers from your household, please quote our Scheme ID #C10425624 when you drop off your containers to the recycle drop-off points and the funds will automatically get deposited into our fundraising account.  We’ve successfully raised just under $680 so far, from families and students recycling their cans and bottles – so thank you for your support.


The Byford Primary School Canteen is open for recess and lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Orders can be made direct to the canteen, or through QuickCliq

If you have any spare time on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, volunteers are required to help in the canteen.

New Canteen Menu available here: 

Uniform Shop

NEW OPENING DAYS / TIMES (Commencing Term 2)

The P&C are excited to tell you all that the uniform shop now accepts Afterpay Payments

Our uniform shop is volunteer run to keep our school uniform prices as low as we can. Adding Afterpay as a payment option allows you to pay off your purchase over 4 payments (payments payable every 2 weeks)

Haven't got Afterpay??? Sign up here 

* Not available for QuickCliq purchases *

QuickCliq is our online ordering system and it's an easy and convenient way to order your child’s uniform.  QuickCliq is approved by the Department of Education, it’s free, safe and secure.  You can use Paypal or Credit Card for immediate payment.  You can also use Direct Deposit.  To sign up, click 

If you are unable to order online, order forms can be placed in the dropbox at the Front Office.  Please ensure there is a name and contact number provided.

Orders can still be placed at the Uniform Shop which opens Wednesday mornings from 8:15am - 8:45am.  EFTPOS AVAILABLE.

The P&C have reviewed the uniform prices and have made some changes, please click here for new price list:


A ‘No Hat, Limited Outside Play’ policy is enforced at Byford Primary School all year.  Parents can assist us by reinforcing the need for protection from the sun by ensuring that students have a wide brim hat. Hats can be purchased through the school uniform shop next to Room 3.  Students who do not have a hat are instructed to play under sheltered areas such as the Undercover Area near the canteen. Caps are not acceptable as they do not provide adequate protection to the ears and back of the neck from the sun.

Wanslea - Grandcarers Support Scheme

If you have had full-time care of your grandchildren for at least four months in the past year, they are currently in your care and are aged under 18, you may be eligible for an annual payment.  Click here for more details

Bloom Early Education

Bloom Early Education will soon be opening in Byford and offering OSCH with a pick up and drop off service from Byford PS.  Please see flyer for details.

Byford Secondary College

Armadale Senior High School Parent Information Evening


Grasshopper Soccer

Winter Netball

AFL Auskick